Car Aromatherapy Dual Usb Charger Car Air Purifying 12V Multifunction Humidification

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Feature: 1.Dual USB charging

2.Car aromatherapy

3.Nano mist

4.Tending to zero radiation

5.Mute humidification

6.Negative ion purification

7.LED light both side, turning red when it's charging, turning blue while it's purifying

Specification Product name Car aromatherapy Rated input power 18W Rated input voltage DC12V-24V Humidification time 90mins Concentration of negative ion 6 million/cm Rated output voltage DC 5V Rated charging current 3.1A Noise Less than 42dB Weight 85g Dimension 170x56x38mm Package Included 1 X Car Aromatherapy 1 X Charging Cable